The Decision


Change whether small or big is hard to adjust to something especially when we aren’t prepared for it.

I’m going through a period right now where I know that alot is about to change but I don’t know exactly who, what, when, where, and why and I don’t know exactly how to prepare. But I know that preparation is needed.

What does it mean to prepare? Well says that , “Prepared” means,  “properly expectant, organized, equipped; ready.”

So I have to ask myself am I prepared (ready) for the things that I’ve been asking God about i.e my husband to come, to move, my daughter being able to spend more time with her father, a new job, to start writing my blog, to write that book He’s laid on my heart to write.

Am I prepared (ready)?

What could I do to prepare?

See to be quite honest with you guys I always have had such a hard time with the preparation process. My thoughts were always when it comes then we will deal with it. I barely studied in school when it came to taking test or quizzes and I had a hard time handing in homework assignments on time. I have been a last minute type of person all my life which I’ve realized (through the Holy Spirit) that it’s only caused me more stress than anything and all it does is add extra pressure that I didn’t and I don’t need.

So I ask myself as I write this and I suggest that you ask yourself that same. What can I do to be more prepared in my life for whatever it is that I need/want to come? If I’m lazy/procrastinator how can I be more diligent?

For myself I understand the I need to take time at night to take out my daughter and my clothes so that I won’t rush in the morning also I need to make it a point to get up a few minutes early so I won’t be frustrated trying to get out the house on time.

It’s the little foxes that spoil the vine so why not nip it in the bud now so that I can see a reward later.

It takes sacrifice.

It’s takes endurance and it’s takes disciple.

Let’s take this next step together!