The NEW Normal


My family is a very dysfunctional family, arguing is a norm it happens like it’s a conversation. It isn’t a conversation if there isn’t some sort of yelling.

Funny thing is when I finally realized it I sat back to look at the situation.

Why is everyone yelling?

What is the underlying words that aren’t being spoken?

Do we really care about each other if we communicate like this?

What I know now is that we all were in the the same boat wanting to get out what we really felt but we felt as if no one heard us. So instead of having a “regular” coversation seasoning our words with grace we screamed it out.

I grew up with the notion that if I spoke up it would change the trajectory of my relationships whether it was with my parents, my former boyfriends, my siblings, my friends, any of my bossy, co workers, or my spiritual parents. But what I realize is that if I didn’t speak up then it would allow people to treat me however they wanted.

It comes down to a decision be bold or be afraid.

When you come to the realization that your voice matters too then you will not have a problem speaking up for yourself. You won’t say yes to everything and anything you’ll start saying no for the sake of GAINING PEACE and keeping it.

So if your one who struggles with talking I urge you to speak even when it may feel uncomfortable too! It may help change someone else’s life!

Be Sweet 🍯!

2 thoughts on “The NEW Normal

  1. I came to read one post. I have read three and can’t seem to stop. I just want to stop by to encourage you to keep writing. Your transparency is inspiring. You are unpretentious and it’s so refreshing. You have something to say. I connected with you and I am praying you continue to share your story with us. Be blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To God be all the glory !

      And Thank you Nikki stopping by and reading. Life takes us all on different journeys and sometimes we don’t understand how much it’s for someone else! Happy to be connected to you!


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