The Walk

Yesterday for me was a time of truly reflecting on what it means to have understanding. The Bible tells us in proverbs to get wisdom and with all thy wisdom get understanding.

As I was sitting in my office doing some browsing and some work at the same time I listened to Heather Lindsey drop bomb after bomb and jewel after jewel about how it’s important for us to walk out our steps of faith by trusting in the Lord. Funny thing is that faith is the very thing I’ve been struggling with.

How do I trust that God will lead me in the right direction when I don’t even know where I’m going. To understand God and His infinite ways helps me understand that just because I don’t know what the next step is doesn’t mean the next step isn’t planned out for me. says to understand means to perceive the meaning of; grasp the idea of; comprehend

For me to understand (grasp the idea of) an all knowing God means that regardless of what I may see I still walk by faith and not by what I’m seeing in front of me, it means I only move aside when He tells me to. The steps on my journey haven’t been easy but that doesn’t mean it’s not apart of His will.

Are you stuggling with your faith?

Let’s reflect about why you haven’t yet took that did the last thing that He directed you to do? Is there ware and tear because you want something that God is making you wait for? I know that I am in waiting and not just because of God’s delay but because of my own actions of going back to the things that He has specifically pulled me away from while I’m suppose to be serving, praying, and seeking His will for my life.

Let’s be proactive and allow understanding our understanding of God’s ways.

Be Sweet 🍯

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