The Friendship Challenge

Ky 💙

A few years back I had a conversation with one of my best friends (I have three lol) about the trusting the process. Funny how we can look at someone else situation and tell that there going through a PROCESS but when It comes to our own we act like it’s the end of the world.

Me and Toya often crack up about this there are times when I need her to be my backbone, my cheerleader, the one to talk some sense into me, even when she may not know that I’m listening. When she talks I don’t take her words for granted because I know how much she loves me and that she wants the best for me and vice versa.

About five years ago I was seeking God for friends those who would walk out the test, and trials with me and help me fight through the journey covering me no matter what. Like King David and Johnathon (1 Samuel 20) God didn’t budge on giving me exactly what I needed and unbeknownst to me Toya was somewhere praying that same prayer.

But there was again a PROCESS.

When I prayed this prayer I was having a rocky time in one of my friendships where I didn’t feel like I could completely trust that person. Not that she would hurt me intentionally but that the direction that I needed to go wasn’t the direction her life was going in. God allow for the relationship to go left just so I can bump into Toya at the right time. See we had been going to Woman, I Am meeting for months together but never established anything other than a hi and bye. God is strategic he always has a backup plan.

Latoya 💚

Sidenote: You ever felt as through you prayed a prayer and it didn’t get through? I’m here to tell you God has heard your cry. Keep pressing He is with you!

See y’all God knows what we need when we need it. But He needs us to trust Him in order for us to get the fullness of the blessing. I didn’t know at the time that I would have to loss a friendship that was dear to me just to be giving a gift. I didn’t know that it would come with some scars but now I understand why and I will say it’s well worth it.

So whatever it is that your prayer your playing tug a war with God about let it go. I urge you to give it to Him. Let Him do Him and heal you so that you can take another step forward into who you are!

The people who your surrounded with are KEY.

Shanti 💖

Let’s give the ones He wants to remove to God together!

Be sweet 🍯!

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