The Order

Order? You say what is that? Well let’s look it up. states that order means

1. the arrangement or disposition of people or are things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method.


2. an authoritative command, direction, or instruction

As I sit here thinking and writing I can’t help but reflect on how my life is when things are in order for instance, clothes are washed, folded and put away, my room is clean no clutter, my bed is made with no access stuff on it. I feel a since of peace inside like I can accomplish some others things that’s on the list because these few things are done!

But let me tell you when it is out of order, when I’m running out of bed rushing because I’m about to be late for work. Yelling at Pey (not exercising the fruit that God has given me so freely) as if it is her fault that I didn’t wake up earlier and have everything together the night before.

See God is a orderly God. He works in an “arrangement of people and things according to a particular sequence, method, or patten using direction, instruction, and His authoritative command to do so”. See God is sovereign He knew before He even spoke the universe into existence that we humans would need order to sustain life.

Whenever I fall short of keeping order in my life I reflect on the fact that if I just sit and Listen to God’s voice He will direct me on what to do and how to do it. Is it that simple? YES most of the time it is. When we’re not running after our own desires it is. When we’re searching for Him in everything it is.

Each of us has an area in our life were we can use more Order. Why not start with asking God where, when , and how now so that we can be perfected in Him.

Be Sweet 🍯

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