Well what can I say but God is not a God of convenience but a God of strategy. Particularly allowing us the choice to walk into our destiny everyday through certain decisions that we have to make. It’s not always easy and we the people lol like to make decisions based the easy way out.

Let me share… so they’re was a point in my life where if everything wasn’t fairy tale I didn’t really want nothing to do with it. They’re relationships, friendships, and other opportunities that I’ve literally throwing away when the going got tough. When it left it’s honeymoon stage. When my expectations of the outcome weren’t meet in that moment.

I didn’t really understand that if something could withstand the fire that’s how I would know it was worth keeping or not.


That’s exactly how our Lord works. He allows us to make a choice not about the test but if we’re going to walk through the fire, “even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for YOU are with me” (Psalms 23 paraphrasing) so that we can come out looking like Him.

See Jesus was tested right. The Bible says after the dove decended on Him the Holy Spirit led Him into the wilderness (go read Matthew). Ha! I know what y’all are probably thinking WOW THE HOLY SPIRIT LED HIM THERE. That was my exact sentiments. Holy Spirit led Him there so that He can pass the test. He fasted and prayed 40 days and at the very end here comes the enemy.


I sometimes wonder how our Lord was feeling at the moment because anyone who have been fasting and praying for any amount of time knows the STRUGGLE. But Jesus passed. He passed the test. He set His eyes on Gods will and that was for our sake. He set the example.

He was inconvenienced.

Think about how many times God had asked us to do something and we either didn’t do it or delayed because we knew it would inconvenience something in our pattern of life. Whether that’s having a hard talk with a friend, or not gossiping, helping out our neighbor, you know something that you knew you would have to sacrifice if you were obedient.

Then think about the times you didn’t delay and you walked in what He asked of you!

What was the outcome?

We must listen even when it hurts, even when we may feel embarrassed, especially when we are fearful because there is better on the other side for us all we have to do is look at King Jesus and we see that!

Bee Sweet 🍯

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