Costa Rica | May 2021

Last year I told y’all about the journey I had started on June 19th with God after I saw the truck and the car with the messages on license plates that was just for me (read #thisis30) I’m going to piggyback off of that story.

I want to share with y’all a few pivotal things that allowed me to get to the point where I begin to ask myself is this going to be fun or fruitful, fruitful meaning am I going to walk away from this with some fruit of the spirit which is love, joy, patience,kindess, long suffering, meekness, self control, or peace (Galatians 5:22-23). And fun meaning I’m just doing it for my own enjoyment and pleasure it may not yield anything and if I’m not careful of what I do with this time it can produce bad.

Y’all since the pandemic hit last year I wasn’t able to travel like more than half of us who also were threw into the same pandemic. And because of not traveling in 2020 I wanted to make it a point that I traveled in 2021! Which I did. I’ve really grown to appreciate each trip for what it was but to be honest.

The first one was literally for Fun. I was at a low point in my relationship with God and when I say low I mean non existent. I became content with things not going my way and I drifted away. Away from God, away from accountability, and I had the hardest time consistently going to my church services. I couldn’t find my footing.

I struggled, I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t fighting for my identity in Christ. I was so worn out that the old stuff (sex, alcohol, partying) became the outlet for the void of not being close to the Lord.

I had became like the prodigal son. To be honest I wanted my inheritance, I had become tired of waiting on God to fulfill the promises that He made to me, I wanted to go and do what I wanted.

And guess what …. It was FUN but it wasn’t worth it! It yielded nothing but bad fruit (confusion, bitterness, low self worth, rebellion, etc).

How many of you know that the devil himself comes as the angel of light?

And that’s exactly what he came as. He dingled the one thing that I longed for a relationship with a man in my face …

and guess what I took the bait even thought I was 90% sure God had already told me no it wasn’t my time yet.

I was left with broken promises, broken communication, more trust issue, and broken heart.

FUN isn’t Fruitful y’all ….

I bless God for His redemption, for Him calling me back to Him, for Him being gentle with me in a time where I felt confused, I felt like He had forgot about me. I knew that if I opened that door it would lead to me to making decisions that were not good for my life.

BUT I DID IT ANYWAYS! I stepped out of God’s protection, His will for my life.

Fun looks fun until the fun is over and conviction sets in! Which it did!

Now I’m being cautious, not afraid we do not have the spirit of fear, I’m made different now.

It’s important to be aware though. The enemies job is to steal from us and he comes to steal, kill, and destroy usually masquerades as something we desire.

Let’s be careful not to get tripped up. “Submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee” (James 4:7)

Stay prayed up, keep your Bible close (reading and studying to show yourself approved). Stand on the scriptures the promises of God are yours if you are a believer.

Next time you have to make a decision on a person, place, or thing ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and to lead you into all truths. Then count the cost!

(Next week I’ll tell y’all about my second trip)

Bee sweet 🍯

One thought on “#thisisFUNvsFRUITFUL

  1. THIS RIGHT HERE? Man this blog was sooo good. It took a full minute for me to write how it made me feel lol. Fruitfulness can be fun but not all fun is fruitful. Thanks for your transparency. I love that you included pictures as well because it gives us a visual of the story we are following. Thanks for sharing this post in obedience.


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