Seaside Park Fisherman

So back in October me and my bestfriend meet at the beach by our house. It’s something we both enjoy doing just walking by the beach and talking sharing the up and downs of life. It was a nice October day not cold at all. I waiting in the car for her and notice that there was actually a lot of people on this side of the beach. It wasn’t the normal side that we would walk through. That day Holy Spirit wanted me to go to the opposite side so I told her to meet me there not really knowing why just thinking it was for different scenery.

When she got there was started walking and noticed that it was low tide and there were men by the water all dressed different. Spread out some far some closer. They had there fishing poles some where just going out to fish and some looked like there were in the grove of things. There was even a lady with a bucket picking up what I perceived to be oysters, mussels, or clams.

We stopped walking. We we’re curious so we watched.

The technique for each was different. All had had a different goal in mind. Some were catching, observing the fish then throwing them back. Some was catching and placing them near the shore BIG ONES too lol

What they all had in common though was they were patient. No rush just sitting either in the water or by the shore waiting for the right fish.

And We watched

We started to talk about how this was like the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus called us to be Fisherman (fisher of man). The technique on how it’s done may be different but we’re all one body suppose to be serving for one purpose and that is to glorify Him.

Patience is a virtue

It takes patience. Some of us are called to the small fish and some of us are called to wait a little longer for the BIG but each one of us having the same goal in mind.

It’s easier to stay focused on what God is calling you to do when your in relationship with Him. To stay in your lane and not worry about what your brothers lane looks like as long as it’s the glorify our Father.

I think about the Apostle Peter and James and Paul and Barnabus (Book of Acts). All called but to a different set of people for the samd purpose. To feed, to clothe, to love, to preach about Jesus and help people to stay in right standing with our Father. They knew their purpose which I’m sure help them not to collide into eachother but to know it’s enough space for everyone to do what they are called to do.

For all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and who are called according to His purpose.

So let’s reflect… not on the type of fisherman we are but on the aspect of why we are doing it to the glory of God in the lane which He has laid out for us and if not we ask the Father today to help us to get back on track!

Bee Sweet 🍯



Remember how I told y’all that I traveled last year. 2021! It was a traveling year for me. 4 trips in 6 months. For the first time ever I said, “okay I need a break.” I’m okay with sitting down for a little (lol).

Anyways there was this one trip out the four, I saw the favor of God just explode in my life. In July, we went to Miami to celebrate one of my sisters in Christ birthday. It was a trip we had planned months ahead of time.

Around the time when we planned the trip I was still out in the world doing whatever I wanted to do like the prodigal son. (Read Luke 15:11-32) so my idea of what I wanted to do when I got there was party, hookah, drink, chill on the beach, eats some food, and just have a ball.

I didn’t know at the time that my life would take a turning point and I would be walking back with Christ. (read #thisis30)

The good thing though was a few weeks before the trip I thought to myself, “this is a trip with all saved people so I wouldn’t have to fight internally about what I was going to do and what I wouldn’t!”

Y’all how about the weeks leading up to the trip all kinds of stuff started breaking out. We found out that the hotel we were booked was a crummy one, the birthday itinerary was boring (none of us paid attention to it until the leading up of the trip), then on top of that a that a storm was suppose to come to Miami like a hurricane type of storm. That alone caused two of the ladies that were coming to back out.

I remember going to work that Wednesday at my night job and hearing the Lord say, “your suppose to go.” So despite what was happening and what I saw in the natural I stood firm on going to Miami. I felt like we were on assignment.

The day before the trip, the birthday girls father passed away, my friends mom missed her bus coming up, she was keeping my friends son while we were away, she asked me to use my car to pick her mom up from the airport I said yes, a little while after I was doing laundry I came outside all the air was out on my tire. (Lol all I could do it chuckle and think there must be something special in Miami for us to do because we are getting warfare on every side). On my way home from putting air in the tire I get an email from the airline saying they canceled my flight.

The Birthday Girl”

See I had a 6 am flight that would land in Miami around 9 am. Everyone else was suppose to get in after me. The rental was in my name so I was the only person able to pick it up, then I would pick them up after. That was our plan.

That didn’t work out … it turned the whole day around. My new flight wasn’t until 3:45 pm I wouldn’t get to Miami until 6pm.

I was flying by myself this trip, my step dad dropped me off at the airport and I chilled. Y’all how about my flight was pushed back not once but twice. The people didn’t explaining what was going on so I had to keep checking on the app to get updates.

I kept cool up until the delays then I started getting agitated. I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to stay calm.

Even throughout this the birthday girl still was excited. She was super encouraging!

The more and more closer I get to the Lord It helps me understand that He works the best when it looks like a big storm is going to come wash you away.


What I didn’t see happening behind the scenes was because of the change in flights and the delays. God has bumped me up to row 1 seat F (I say the F stands for favor). I was so shocked that when I got on the plane I walk right pass the seat because I was so use to going to the back. I had never sat in the front. I was AWED. I did absolutely nothing to deserve this.

Mini miracle


He sat me next to this lady name Shirin (pronunciation Sharon) and her mother who had been having some complications. I heard Him tell me to pray. I was reading my Bible and she asked me was I believer and I told her yes. She was so estatic she said, “the Lord is sitting with us (meaning God sent me).” I asked her was she a believer she said, “yes.” The conversation we had was fruitful and I learned alot. When we got off the flight I told her I would pray for her and her mother and asked did they have anything specific she told me and I left.


After I got my bag I stormed my way to the rental car place. Just to find a huge

line that I had to wait in for almost 3 hours. When I got out the line they told me to go and grab the truck. I got to the truck and was disappointed it was small so the guy said you wanna choose another one? I said yes he said go head whichever one you want.


Even though it pushed my trip out even more. Y’all I literally missed a whole day. God will interrupt your plans for just one! That’s all it takes.

The trip was the BOMB I enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind traveling with the group I went with again. We didn’t do anything out the box just eat, beach, shop, we sung, laughed, talked a lot about the things of God and what He was doing in our lives.

The storm that was suppose to come ended up going up north.

On the birthday girls birthday. Her and I wanted to go to the pool so when we got back to the hotel we did. The other two stayed in the room. We had 30 minutes and guess what y’all! God sent a woman of God to us to reassure us that we we’re both walking in the direction we we’re suppose to. Edification and correction.

Birthday dinner

I call it a pool date with God. Unexpected and Exceptional. This turned out to be my favorite 2021 trip!


So next time there’s a storm going on around you consider that instead of stopping and not moving forward. Tune into what God is saying and allow the Holy Spirit lead you. They’re maybe Favor in the storm!!

Bee Sweet 🍯


Costa Rica | May 2021

Last year I told y’all about the journey I had started on June 19th with God after I saw the truck and the car with the messages on license plates that was just for me (read #thisis30) I’m going to piggyback off of that story.

I want to share with y’all a few pivotal things that allowed me to get to the point where I begin to ask myself is this going to be fun or fruitful, fruitful meaning am I going to walk away from this with some fruit of the spirit which is love, joy, patience,kindess, long suffering, meekness, self control, or peace (Galatians 5:22-23). And fun meaning I’m just doing it for my own enjoyment and pleasure it may not yield anything and if I’m not careful of what I do with this time it can produce bad.

Y’all since the pandemic hit last year I wasn’t able to travel like more than half of us who also were threw into the same pandemic. And because of not traveling in 2020 I wanted to make it a point that I traveled in 2021! Which I did. I’ve really grown to appreciate each trip for what it was but to be honest.

The first one was literally for Fun. I was at a low point in my relationship with God and when I say low I mean non existent. I became content with things not going my way and I drifted away. Away from God, away from accountability, and I had the hardest time consistently going to my church services. I couldn’t find my footing.

I struggled, I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t fighting for my identity in Christ. I was so worn out that the old stuff (sex, alcohol, partying) became the outlet for the void of not being close to the Lord.

I had became like the prodigal son. To be honest I wanted my inheritance, I had become tired of waiting on God to fulfill the promises that He made to me, I wanted to go and do what I wanted.

And guess what …. It was FUN but it wasn’t worth it! It yielded nothing but bad fruit (confusion, bitterness, low self worth, rebellion, etc).

How many of you know that the devil himself comes as the angel of light?

And that’s exactly what he came as. He dingled the one thing that I longed for a relationship with a man in my face …

and guess what I took the bait even thought I was 90% sure God had already told me no it wasn’t my time yet.

I was left with broken promises, broken communication, more trust issue, and broken heart.

FUN isn’t Fruitful y’all ….

I bless God for His redemption, for Him calling me back to Him, for Him being gentle with me in a time where I felt confused, I felt like He had forgot about me. I knew that if I opened that door it would lead to me to making decisions that were not good for my life.

BUT I DID IT ANYWAYS! I stepped out of God’s protection, His will for my life.

Fun looks fun until the fun is over and conviction sets in! Which it did!

Now I’m being cautious, not afraid we do not have the spirit of fear, I’m made different now.

It’s important to be aware though. The enemies job is to steal from us and he comes to steal, kill, and destroy usually masquerades as something we desire.

Let’s be careful not to get tripped up. “Submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee” (James 4:7)

Stay prayed up, keep your Bible close (reading and studying to show yourself approved). Stand on the scriptures the promises of God are yours if you are a believer.

Next time you have to make a decision on a person, place, or thing ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and to lead you into all truths. Then count the cost!

(Next week I’ll tell y’all about my second trip)

Bee sweet 🍯


“My little one”

I want to share a funny but true story with y’all. Almoust 3 weeks ago I started moving my daughter into a separate room, her very own room. She was staying with her father for the weekend so I wanted to surprise her and have her room finished before she came home on Sunday.

Her room was freshly painted and her floors were done over. But she was missing the essentials. The bed, nightstand, dresser, tv stand, and a few other items. The week before I had scouted out what I wanted to buy her on Amazon and because I use prime I mapped out how all the products would get here at a specific time so that I can get it done in ample time. So the following Wednesday and Thursday I begin to order the stuff, everything was set to arrive between Friday and Saturday.

How many of us understand that God’s timing isn’t like our timing.

I went by the mattress store and set up the delivery. I mean when I tell y’all I was so hype because my plan was in motion and I was excited.

One of the most important pieces. The bedframe was set to arrive on Friday, and some of the smaller items were set to arrive on Saturday.

I couldn’t wait to get to work when I came home from my job on Friday. Not only because I knew Pey would be happy but also because I knew it was time for the much needed space and discipline for us both.

When I got home the box with the smaller items had arrived. Nightstand check, led lights check, new remote check. It was only 5pm so I checked Amazon to see what was going on with the Bed frame.. It said it would be delivered by 9pm. So I said okay!! Let me get to work on this revamp of Pey’s room so when the frame was delivered I could finally have the finishing piece.

I started working with the help of my neice and nephew by the time I looked up it was almost 9 pm. I went on the porch… NO PACKAGE. I checked Amazon and there was a note “customer has to pick up package.” My mind was boggled I was a little upset because I wanted to get the frame up so that when the bed was delivered it would be all set.

I stop and I looked to see where the frame was being delivered to, it said the post office and because I didn’t know how big it was I called my mom and asked her could she bring me to get it when she came down. She said she would be down at 12:30 pm.

The next morning my mother woke me up at 8 am to open the door for the landscaper, because I couldn’t go back to sleep I said to myself let me go get gas and to the atm to get the cash out for the bed when he comes between 11-1 pm. By the time I finished all my errands it was close to 10:30 so I said to myself you can go to the beach to spend time with God. But then it dawned on me I didn’t know which post office the frame was at and also that it was Saturday and the post office closed early.

I started to panic yall, like I was literally panicking because little by little my plan was crumbling in my face. I called Amazon they told me to call the postal service, so I did and they said the package was at the post office near my house. I called my mom and told her I was on my way there to check. She told me give her call and let her know before she left her house. Once I got there I spoke to Charlie I gave him all the information and he said the items hadn’t gotten there yet. That he saw them the night before downtown but they weren’t marked and he wasn’t sure if my post woman would take them because they were heavy. He told me to go downtown and give them the message he gave me. If they weren’t there I would most likely have to get them Monday.

By then I was very frustrated but not ready to throw in the towel when I got in the car I said “God you are really about to take me on a journey for this bedframe…. Here we go.”

I called my mom relayed the message and drove downtown. When I got there the woman said she didn’t see the boxes, my mail woman must have took them and I would have to get them Monday if she doesn’t drop them off. If y’all could only image I was devastated! I felt defeated. I had planned it out so well but it wasn’t working out. I called my mom told her she didn’t have to come because I would most likely have to just pick them up monday and finish Peys room then. My mom said okay, then she said just look out for the mail if the lady has it ask the landscaper to help you bring it in. I told her okay.

I got back home around 11:30 the landscaper hadn’t come yet and I was still waiting for a call from the man with the bed too. I relaxed and read my Bible. Then I started to watch a movie… Before I knew it, it was almost hitting 3pm. No call from the bed delivery, the landscaper still hadn’t shown up (he was suppose to be there at 9am). Everything was running off schedule but I was cool. I just relaxed, there wasn’t really nothing I could do lol.

How many of us know Gods timing is not ours and He has no problem humbling us and recking our plan to show us who is in charge.

Around 4 pm I got a call from the mattress man he said he would be coming around 5 pm. My Spirit unctioned me to get up and check and see if the landscaper came and soon as I opened the door he was right there cutting the grass. He asked me to plug in another cord so I did and I headed toward the front to throw some trash out and GUESS WHAT! When I opened the door the bedframe was right there on the porch. I was beyond happy!

I wasn’t even going to check for it. I went outside for a totally different reason and I had wrote it off in my mind I was okay by then with it coming Monday. I knew I did my best to get everything there but there was nothing else I could do. So could you imagine my excitement.

Not even 30 minutes after the mattress man called and said he was outside.

It reminded me of this verse “Yes indeed, it won’t be long now.” GOD ’s Decree. “Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills.” Amos 9:13-14 (the message)

Things may not had happened how I planned, and everything looked late in my sight but they weren’t late in God’s. He was working behind the scenes and I believe He did it just to show me that I wasn’t really in control. That even with a little delay things would still happen in His perfect timing as they were happening with Peyton’s room.

And I was tickled literally giggling to myself about the lesson and blessing that He had just poured on me. Through experience.

What is happening in your life that looks delayed? What looks like it’s not showing up on time because of what “someone” (in my case Amazon and the postal ppl in there knowledge told me). I dare you to relax and let God take the wheel. Pey’s room was done Saturday night and ready for her when she came home Sunday morning. And GUESS WHAT! Your promise will be just like that too…. just trust God with the process. Day by day I’m learning too!

Be Sweet 🍯


Well what can I say but God is not a God of convenience but a God of strategy. Particularly allowing us the choice to walk into our destiny everyday through certain decisions that we have to make. It’s not always easy and we the people lol like to make decisions based the easy way out.

Let me share… so they’re was a point in my life where if everything wasn’t fairy tale I didn’t really want nothing to do with it. They’re relationships, friendships, and other opportunities that I’ve literally throwing away when the going got tough. When it left it’s honeymoon stage. When my expectations of the outcome weren’t meet in that moment.

I didn’t really understand that if something could withstand the fire that’s how I would know it was worth keeping or not.


That’s exactly how our Lord works. He allows us to make a choice not about the test but if we’re going to walk through the fire, “even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for YOU are with me” (Psalms 23 paraphrasing) so that we can come out looking like Him.

See Jesus was tested right. The Bible says after the dove decended on Him the Holy Spirit led Him into the wilderness (go read Matthew). Ha! I know what y’all are probably thinking WOW THE HOLY SPIRIT LED HIM THERE. That was my exact sentiments. Holy Spirit led Him there so that He can pass the test. He fasted and prayed 40 days and at the very end here comes the enemy.


I sometimes wonder how our Lord was feeling at the moment because anyone who have been fasting and praying for any amount of time knows the STRUGGLE. But Jesus passed. He passed the test. He set His eyes on Gods will and that was for our sake. He set the example.

He was inconvenienced.

Think about how many times God had asked us to do something and we either didn’t do it or delayed because we knew it would inconvenience something in our pattern of life. Whether that’s having a hard talk with a friend, or not gossiping, helping out our neighbor, you know something that you knew you would have to sacrifice if you were obedient.

Then think about the times you didn’t delay and you walked in what He asked of you!

What was the outcome?

We must listen even when it hurts, even when we may feel embarrassed, especially when we are fearful because there is better on the other side for us all we have to do is look at King Jesus and we see that!

Bee Sweet 🍯


Seraphina Restaurant San Juan, PR

I turned THIRTY on September 2nd and unlike a lot of ppl I know I was actually excited leading up to it. 30 is a milestone. For me the months leading up to it felt like I had to make a very important decision. To be transparent it was about my walk with Christ.

Was I going to continue to waver too and fro. Was I going to going to continue to do my own thing? Was I going to continue to settle for the same cycles that seemed like a broken record each time I thought or talked about it.

I pondered… I wandered …. I was scared

Scared of what Nytavia? you may say… I was scared of both the possibility of being the same, not changing this next decade of my life because sure I felt like I wasted my 20s away chasing everything but God with all my heart. And scared of the endless possibilities of living up to the greatness that God put inside of me.

I was at a crossroads… to serve the Almighty God with all my heart, all my mind, and all my soul and step into the UNKNOWN BY FAITH… or continue to walk in what I know comfortable with brokenness, sadness, and disappointment, shame, guilt, and unforgiveness.

I spent months with these questions in my mind and heart but on JUNE 19th something happened. See one way the God speaks to me is through license plates. I was on my way to my cousins gender reveal with a friend and my daughter and as we drove we came to a stop sign. There was a car in front of us and when I looked down the plate said YES! I knew God was speaking to me so I speaking to Him lol yes God I’ll do whatever you need me to do. It’s rough out here. I said in my heart. Then we drove up probably about another mile or so and the car was still in front of us. I couldn’t get my eyes off it. As we pulled up to the red light there was a big truck,the car with the license plate that said YES pulled up to. The license plate on the big truck said 2 MONTHS. I was floored.

Right there JESUS was speaking. I had a decision to make and because of how things where going for me the decision wasn’t hard. I said in my heart, “God I have been chasing these men for 2 months straight, the same chase I gave them I’ma commit to you”!

I decided to give God a fresh YES. I wanted to walk in to 30 free. Which meant I had to let go of every sin and weight that so easily beseech me.

I started to take steps some big some small. Did I get free from it all before Sept 2nd ? No but with the leading of Holy Spirit my comforter. Step by step I started knocking things down and I decided to get back up. Not in my own strength but in God’s. Knowing that if I continue to delight myself in Him, my desires will be shaped by His for me.

Has it been easy ? NOOOOOOO there are people, places, and things that I love that for a season, or/and a time, and/or forever have to let go of in order to walk in the purpose that God has for me.

You remember when Jesus was in the garden of Gesthenme right before the soldiers where coming for Him. He cried out to the Father for Him to take His cup away but then in the next sentence He said, “not My will but YOURS”. (Paraphrased)

#THISIS30 Not my will but HIS !!!!

Birthday Blessings 🎉

Are you going through a season of seeking and searching for any and everything but God… I challenge you to put that same amount of time into seeking Him and watch how your life changes!!!

Bee Sweet 🍯


Wow! We have made it into the New Year… we are 25 days in and to me it has felt like a sudden change has occurred mainly with my mindset. So the last few weeks it’s been impressed on me to get my finances in order. For one reason or another I haven’t been the best steward of what God has given me in that area. But I’m learning the meaning and life lesson behind, “if you are faithful with a few, I will make you ruler over much.”

A few weeks back as I was driving God was showing me how our Spiritual Growth and how we handle finances are directly link to each other. One without the other causes all other areas to be off balance.

I want you to close your eyes and imagine you, with no money, deep down in debt, drowning. Then imagine how you would feel spiritual? Would you feel like praying or fasting? (Which if this is your story you should still pray and fast) but your answer is probably no, Why? Well because worried, doubt, and fear of not having enough would probably be your potion over faith.

I know what your maybe thinking …Hummmm Nytavia, this is a interesting concept. I know why because this is the question that I had to answer for myself.

See the Bible says that the borrower is slave to the lender, it also says that faith without works is dead and if you don’t work you don’t eat.

So in order to exercise my faith I had to get up and make a change and a commitment to get out of debt by any means necessary.

A SUDDEN CHANGE in mindset had occurred in me. It’s like a lightbulb went off. “PIVOT” It’s time to change course and turn this thing around knowing that if I live like no one else now then I can live and give like no one else later (Dave Ramsey Quote)

What is the SUDDEN change that has happened in your life in the past 19 days? I would love to hear!

Be Sweet 🍯

The Turn Around


Right now I’m at a place were I know that true repentance is needed for me to fully walk in the destiny that awaits me.

There needs to be firm action behind the words. I mean isn’t that what REPENT means anyways.

In the Bible we see alot of people, who were chosen by God to declare to different nations to REPENT. To turn away from there sins and turn to God. This is important because without truly repenting our prayers can be held up.

It’s like God is saying, “all I want you to do is STOP ✋🏽 , think 🤔, and make a decision, a precise one.” And if we just stop for a second, quiet our mind and listen. Then we can see that His ways are different then ours and most of the stuff that we are doing is bringing us in circles anyways.


But it’s up to you and I to either accept that plan or reject it.

To be fully transparent with y’all for the last few months I’ve been rejecting the plans of God for my life out of fear. When fear creeps in it’s my natural inclination to fold under pressure. THANK GOD FOR HIS PRAYER WARRIORS. Who stayed two steps ahead of me watching not only my front but my back to make sure that even if I fall. In the spiritual realm that God will help me right back up.

I’ve seen a miracle happen right before my own eyes within myself. But even with that I had to repent (turn away from my sin and walk towards God). Not with emotion or with feelings but with faith. When the battle gets tough like Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 20) when I see my enemies coming I’ll run to God in fasting and prayer and not away from it.


Be in Expectation, Be Sweet 🍯


The Pressure

It’s the last quarter, last month of the year and the pressure is ON!

To shape up, to either stay going full force in everything that we’ve already accomplished. To move forward with the goals we have set for ourselves or pick up were we left off.


For me this month is a time to really reflect on what I have done with the past eleven months. 2020 has been so different (CO – VID HIT) if not for all of us for many. Some of us have weather the storms of this year by God’s grace, mercy, and provision ONLY!

As I go into these next few months, this new year that’s rolling around the corner. It makes me stop and reflect on how I can be a better daughter to God and my parents, a better mother to my daughter, a better roommate to my sister, a better mentor for my girls, and a better writer.


I know that I’m not the only one with these thoughts. Maybe not the same EXACT thoughts but similar. How can we be better? We don’t have time to wait on a new year to be a new us. We have to start not for those who haven’t been working….


BUT it’s worth it! So don’t give up or give in keep praying, writing, speaking, laughing, spending time with God, and crafting your future. It took Jesus Christ 30 years to start His ministry on this earth and He accomplished so much in just 3 and a half. Don’t allow age, time, or meaningless distractions stop you from moving forward. There’s people waiting on you!

Ending November with my fav 💕

Be Sweet 🍯

The Unexpectant

You ever had something happen to you that just totally blow you away?

That was me on my birthday this year.

Picture this.

I was grocery shopping two days before my birthday because I wanted to make some extra money to take care of my trip to Niagara Falls. But a few days early I was feeling an unction in my spirit to just sit down and relax. I kept feeling like everything was going to be taking care of but yet I was still so anxious and wanted to make sure.

So that Monday I took a few orders delivered them and decided I had to go get my glasses (because I had left them at my previous job the week before). It was convenient for me to pick them up and have my meeting outside in the parking lot since I was already parked.

After I finished I went to start the car up and guess what happen y’all ? IT WOULDN’T START! I was like okay this happened last week so let me go purchase jumper cables and then it’ll be good. That’s exactly what I did and the car wouldn’t start. I called my mechanic and he picked up my car that night. The thing that I didn’t want to do which was sit down and be still God force me too.

My friend (Shanti- Peace) had told me about this sermon that was preached at her church in July. Which was based out of Psalm 23 (go read). She told me that sometimes when the sheep go astray the Shepherd would have to break the sheep’s feet and carry the sheep so that the sheep would get out of harms way. Of course the sheep’s feet would heal and it’ll be right back where it belonged with the other sheep.

🍯 & ✌🏽

That’s exactly what happen to me. God BROKE MY FEET! I wasn’t listening to the still small voice that told me just to relax. I was so worried that I wouldn’t have enough to pay for my trip. That God LITERALLY stop me from going out.

I stayed in the house for two days.

On my birthday I was ready, and refreshed. Shant was taking me out to brunch and I love some good food so I couldn’t wait. We were talking and out of nowhere the UNEXPECTANT happened.

My cashapp started to ding over and over and over and over again. I literally COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. I started to explain to Shant what was going on and started to cry. Like that ugly cry because God had once again came through and I truly wasn’t looking for it. I was trusting Him hoping that somehow it’ll all work out but I had my doubts. And y’all He gave me enough to get my car fixed, pay for my trip, and have spending money.

I was overwhelmed and grateful. It has caused my faith to go up another notch.

So if their is something that you don’t have and your waiting on God to provide just wait. In His timing He always provides. He did it for Abraham He will do it for you too!

Those UNEXPECTED blessing are worthwhile!

Be Sweet 🍯